At Granite Leadership Strategies, Government contracting strategy is our business. Winning more profitable business is yours. We are committed to make a difference for you by providing unique Government contracts strategic pricing, financial, contractual, and compliance guidance. The business aspects of growing your Government contracting organization is our only focus. Your Government contracts business is the center of all we do.

Our clients increase their business annually regardless of the Government contracting market, political, and economic conditions. You get an excellent return on your investment (ROI) for our services. We work with you to win every opportunity you pursue, make more profit on those Government contracts you already have, and keep you compliant with all Government contracts regulations. When we participate in your business, you flourish.

Government contracts can be complex as well as rewarding. You reap the rewards of our involvement with you by the Government contracts pricing strategy as well as pricing we build together using all of the tools in our toolbox – the basic as well as the advanced ones. As a sophisticated Government contractor, you will consider all Government contracts pricing strategy, financial and contractual options available to you, not just the most common ones all Government contractors talk about. We make your Government contracts pricing distinctive from your competition by what makes your bid an exceptional value. And that carries into the concepts and words we craft to demonstrate your value to your customer in the pricing you offer.

You have many options when it comes to the cost accounting and financial structure you design for your Government contracts organization. Again, together we look at the entirety of options available to you, not just the commonplace to make you distinguished and competitive. Cost accounting and finance alternatives must follow Government contracting regulations but do not have to be mundane. Together we get creative while always being compliant.

Granite Leadership Strategies’ principals have built a tradition of quality Government contracts consulting since 1993.

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