Marsha LindquistMarsha Lindquist is one of the most positive entrepreneurs and professional women consultants in the United States today.  Marsha is an inspiring strategist changing the way her clients view their business.  Whatever the issues are relating to creating a profitable business and winning competitive Government procurements, Marsha finds creative ways to bring out the best and make a significant difference to the organizations she works with. As a leader of Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc. her management success is based upon her strong team player orientation and outstanding communication skills. Marsha’s expertise is in problem solving and seeing root causes. She facilitates her clients’ focus on achievements and knows how to pursue business and win it. Many people will tell you what you want to hear. Marsha adds value by telling you what you need to hear.

“Two things that I enjoy most while working with Marsha are her high degree of skill and the ease by which things get done. We were lacking some basic competent resources and we were facing some tough challenges with pressing deadlines. Marsha came to the rescue just in time. She planned the approach and then worked the plan as an excellent strategist would. She achieves much with her tenacity and skill. If you want productive results that bring real value to your bottom line, call Marsha.” –Steve Agrati, Vice President Business Development, Dyncorp Systems and Solutions

Corporations seek her expertise because she is a dynamic leader.  Marsha works with her clients on concepts that help people cut through the irrelevant, zero in on the things that distinguish, and create value. Described by clients as tenacious and a true pro, Marsha helps her clients see things a different way, empowering them to be more focused and successful. One of her clients said “Business leaders want practical tools and resources they can use immediately. Marsha focuses on getting results and people believe that getting results is what she is really trying to help them achieve.”

Marsha Lindquist’s impressive credentials include an MBA in Finance, Association of Proposal Management Professionals Practitioner Level Certification, National Contract Management Association Fellow, published author featured in over 200 trade journals and business publications that include The Business Journal Online, Partner Advisory, American Management and Contract Management, interviewed by The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post, and seen on ABC World News Tonight. She served in senior management capacities for 7 years for Fortune 100 companies and for several small emerging growth companies.
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